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I feel as though these comments should be brief as the impression I got from this week’s readings is everything should now fit within 155 characters. No wait, 140. It doesn’t matter anyway because hardly anyone even uses up most of the 140.

Facebook and Twitter, if nothing else, have shown how the whole world can now be connected through a single source. Whatever “breaking news” is anymore, usually it pipes through Twitter with its hundreds of billions of users. There is no real way to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony (even if we share a Coke), but if something were to be attempted, people would probably put it together through tweets.

Twitter does bring a sense of unity to the planet, in an odd way. Causes, news items, local happenings or other updates that connect us instantly. But then again, people have died on Twitter yet been still alive in real life. Odd how that happens. “Reports of my tweet have been greatly exaggerated.”

So I guess if you’re a librarian, the best advice is, if you have nothing going on, having a bad day, or discouraged, you can always tweet something. Ask followers what they like to read, what they would like to see more of in the library, or what they had for lunch. It is everyday connections like these that get your library “out there.” People are tweeting, so should librarians.

We can get across little sound bites of the library and still have characters left over. Library news, resources, new online sources, change in hours, and other activities are all tweetable. There is also a need for personality, so individual librarians can share their own links and thoughts on things.

If nothing else, we can follow other tweets and re-tweet the tweets of people who are smarter than us. Then our followers can re-tweet the tweets we re-tweeted to their followers who can re-tweet those as there one tweets.

Wait a minute. We can teach the world to sing!


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