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Since becoming a bachelor again, I am realizing how many things I don’t know how to do. I depend on reference videos spread all over the web to show me easy ways to do things I don’t have a clue about. I began recording cooking shows on TV, but realizing what they do is far too intense and complicated for me, I am coming to appreciate simple how-to-videos. Trust me, they need to be simple for them to work for me.

ehow.com is the site to find how-to videos on doing just about anything. The video below is all about making scrambled eggs.

Scramble eggs

I can’t say that I used that video, but have found several others. I like these in that they are easy to find, short, and tell you all you need to know. I suppose one disadvantage is the way some videos are tagged. Scrambled eggs, scramble eggs, and scrambling eggs all mean the same thing to me, yet why separate videos with different labels? Should there not be a controlled vocabulary? There, I impressed someone with my deep terminology.

A much better, more appropriate library-type tutorial is this one from the University of Rhode Island library:

This video starts with a question everyone always asks: Why not just use Google? In just a couple of minutes the librarian has answered this, using examples of quality database sites. Time is always of the essence with this, so the shorter and more precise the better. They even have PDF’s of the transcript to read. Yet the list of tutorials is rather scrambled.
Seems like they could be better organized.

Yet they are well done and watchable. You can even watch one while you scramble  some eggs.


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