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This is in response to the question: What are your thoughts on personal branding as someone who may soon be looking for a professional position in libraries?

I wonder how many brands I have used during my life in an attempt to define who I am. I was probably like a lot of other kids who tried to fit in with others and not stand out as different. I had my share of athletes and celebrities to imitate. A religious background meant I always had a design for living that was always to be followed. My early career was not simply a job but an identity I represented. When you are married you carry a certain brand, as well as social or political views that put you on a certain section of the spectrum.

Over time I have seen many of these brands and identities radically change or completely disappear. Now I am in a place of wandering and not only sorting out my brand but also who I am and what I want to do. Every brand is a presentation, a representation of the real you inside. On a date you seek to impress the other person, the same as you would in a job interview. It is you trying to show your best to break into the world of another, whether a person or organization. We work on this presentation or brand every day, and different relationships reveal different brands, which is why your LinkedIn is probably a lot different from your Facebook. But both brands are probably equally important.

I have spent some time recently thinking about what my goals now are and where I would like to see these fulfilled. So I have started targeting some college libraries to follow on Facebook so I can stay with the conversation. I am looking for these brands as I work on sharpening my own. I find this a comforting process as I start to dream again and focus on what is ahead. Your brand takes a lifetime to build, but as you build it piece by piece it helps you not only present yourself to others, but also helps you understand more of yourself.

I brand therefore I am?


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