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Something about blogging

What elements characterize a successful blog in your opinion?

A good blog will be both informative as well as funny. Considering that the majority of your library information is on your website, blogs need to be less dependent on providing all of the information, and instead should highlight or feature certain things. A blog. since it is hopefully followed by a lot of people, could include information such as “Reminder: we are closed at 2 today,” or “Check out the new searchbox on our homepage.” Blogs need to supplement the material found on the website, but can never replace it.

There is also a great place for sharing videos about the library, or an external video. A blog post such as “This was the keynote at the ALA convention. Do you agree with her statement….” and get user feedback. When there are changes in hours to the library, new features on the website, a new database to try, or even something that needs reviving (“Did you know we have a great audio collection?”), a blog is a great way to communicate.

Another great way to use a blog in the library is a librarian’s personal blog. Some librarians in administrative roles may have the leeway to blog on current opinions related to the library field. Perhaps they will critique current methods or ideas based on years of experience. Maybe they can address hot button issues. Others, however, may have a blog on the lighter side, where their sense of humor comes through as they share funny moments in the library. Essentially, each blog is unique and is based on the personality of the blogger.

To have a successful blog, the only way people are going to find you is if you highlight it on your webpage. Another way to gain an audience is to follow other blogs, and as you connect and share things from their blog, they will do the same.

What blogs do you use to keep up to date professionally or personally? What about these blogs appeals to you?

I follow a number of blogs, too many in fact to really utilize well. But one of my favorites is Doug Johnson, a school librarian in Minnesota. His “Blue Skunk Blog” (http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/) is unique, quirky, and very interactive.


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